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Canada's international reputation is predicated on a few, fairly odd stereotypes.  Sure, we do have lots of moose and beavers hanging around outside, and I have been told by my largely American family that the way I say "about" is objectively incorrect.  However, one of my favourite things about Canada is something that never makes its way into the stereotypes, and that is that Canada is home to some truly innovative and high quality guitar manufacturing.  Maybe you've heard of some of the larger Canadian guitar manufacturers like Godin or Larivee or even Boucher (if you haven't then you should definitely check them out), but I wanted to take an opportunity to shine a light on some smaller, independent manufacturers. 

This article will discuss my four favourite Canadian guitar manufacturers:  Sorokin Guitars, Frank Brothers Guitar Company, Cithara Guitars, and Millimetric Instruments.  Each of these companies is doing something innovative in their approach, and contributing greatly to the art of the guitar and I really think that those of you who are not Canadian deserve to know about the incredible instruments being made by these builders.  

Sorokin Guitars

Built in Edmonton Alberta and owned by Alex Sorokin, Sorokin Guitars pay visible homage to early 1950's era Gibson Les Paul and Les Paul Junior models.  On his website there is a photo blog of guitars that Mr. Sorokin has either built himself or has done some work on, and below is a picture of a double cut single pickup guitar that he built that was recently posted on his instagram page.

Sorokin Guitars

One of my favourite things about Sorokin Guitars is their headstock design.  There are many guitar manufacturers that build high quality guitars inspired by 1950's era Gibson models like Collings Guitars or Heritage Guitars, but Sorokin has by far the best headstock design.  It's almost a metaphor for what appears to be their entire approach to building guitars.  The headstock design doesn't hide from the influence Gibson guitars have had on the design of their instruments, instead this headstock embraces it, and in doing so it creates something totally original and equally as beautiful.

Sorokin Guitars

According to the Sorokin Guitars website, guitar building is simply a hobby for Alex Sorokin.  Because of this, Sorokin Guitars will not make custom orders.  This just makes me want one more.  Guitars are available to purchase and are made available for sale through a guitar store in Edmonton Alberta called Stang Guitars.  

Here is renowned guitarist and song writer Joey Landreth talking about his Sorokin guitar modelled loosely after a 1954 Les Paul:

I for one will be watching Sorokin Guitars closely for the next little while, as they have been posting about an upcoming single cut all original guitar model and I can't wait to see the finished product.  To keep up with Sorokin Guitars, check out their website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

Frank Brothers Guitar Company

Frank Brothers Guitar Company is situated in my home town of Toronto, Ontario.  Located in the east end of the city, Frank Brothers Guitar Company is owned and operated by three brothers (Nick Jon and Tim) and has been around since 2014.

Frank Brothers build made to order guitars with customizable specifications.  Check out their website to see all of the ways that you can customize your guitar or follow them on Instagram or Facebook to see the endless creative modifications being made to their three available models. 

All of the three models that Frank Brothers Guitar Company builds have their unique body design.  I have always been in love with this design because I think that it strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.  

Frank Brothers Guitar Company

This photo, taken from their website is of their Signature Model.  There is really something incredible about these guitars.  The body shape, the "bowtie" headstock design, the floating tailpiece, all contribute to this completely original and yet instantly classic design.  

Frank Brothers Guitars are becoming less and less of a secret.  James Bay has played one for years, and here is a video of Cory Wong talking about his Frank Brothers guitar.  

Frank Brothers Guitar Company handles all the sales of their guitars directly.  To order one for yourself, check out their website.  They ship internationally and your instrument will arrive at your doorstep!

Cithara Guitars

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Cithara Guitars is owned and operated by Daniel Clark.  Cithara Guitars does restoration and repair work, and also offers a complete line of their own guitar models.  Check out their website to learn more about the different models that they build.  Pictured below is their Jason Barry signature model.

Cithara Guitars

Cithara Guitars offers some really unique products and experiences that are unlike any other guitar manufacturer. 

First, Cithara Guitars sells DIY guitar kits that allow you the opportunity to assemble your own electric guitar.  All of the DIY kits are inspired by popular guitar designs by Gibson or Fender, but they often offer unique tweaks on those designs.  For example, their Les Paul inspired DIY kit features an ebony fretboard, and their Stratocaster inspired kit features a basswood body.  Check out their website to learn more about their DIY guitar kits.

Second, Cithara Guitars offers a full six month course in guitar building.  Check out the details here

Daniel Clark and Cithara Guitars are unique because they actively participate in the Canadian music scene, particularly the country music scene.  Here is Daniel Clark talking about Cithara Guitars and their involvement with the Lucknow Music In The Fields Festival

To follow along with Cithara Guitars or to check out their instruments or products, check out their website or Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Millimetric Instruments

Finally, I've saved the most modern for last.  Millimetric Instruments based out of Montreal, Quebec is a company that is building some very unorthodox yet captivating guitars.  

They build guitars made to order with customizable features such as colour, pickups, neck profile and wood.  They have five different models to choose from that each have a very modern and beautiful look. 

Millimetric Instruments

This is a photo of their first ever design, the MG6 taken from their website.  The unique placement of the input jack and electronics is intended to make this guitar equally suited for left or right handed guitarists.  

My favourite aspect of their design is the unconventional bolt on neck.  Here is a photo of the back of this same guitar pictured above:

Millimetric Instruments

One of the reasons for this intriguing bolt on neck design is that it provides an improved sustain.  Another very interesting aspect of the design of these guitars is the headstock.  Not only does the open hole in the headstock allude to guitars built by luthier Travis Bean, they also offer very easy access to the truss rod. 

These guitars stand out from the crowd and are an absolute statement.  Here is a video that talks about their MGS3 model and some of its features.

You can follow Millimetric Instruments by checking out their website or by following them on Facebook or Instagram, and if you're interested in ordering a guitar from Millimetric Instruments, you can contact them on their website.

Thanks for checking out my article!  Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  As always, thanks for making me a super small part of your journey with the guitar, its something I never take for granted :)

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  • Dave

    Hey Jeff! Thanks for the comment. I didn’t mean for this blog to be an exhaustive list of Canadian luthiers, which is why I didn’t mention some of the really great luthiers you brought up in your comment. I just wanted to give a bit of a spotlight to some companies that I thought weren’t getting the attention that they deserved and that had caught my attention. Thanks for your comment and thanks for checking out the article!

  • Jeff

    Hello. I pride myself on being reasonable aware of Canadian luthiers yet I have never heard of the ones you have listed. Nor do I see some names I would have expected to see here such as Manzer, Wren, Karol, just to name a few the are exceptional pieces of art and craftsmanship. I am curious how you zeroed in on the particular luthiers.

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